The Best Embossing Machines and Die Cutting Machines 2020

The Best embossing machines and Die Cutting Machines 2020

Embossing is the process of pressing a plate over a piece of paper or another material to make it stand out and look beautiful, the most common form of embossing around today is your bank card, but with the huge numbers of design and lettering available, the processes of embossing is used for wedding invites, cards, logo creation and many more.

So now we all know what an embossing machine is and what it does, lets focus on the best embossing machines of 2020

The Cricut Cuttlebug

This simple and easy to use embossing machine cuts and embosses cleanly and crisply. it works perfectly on tissue paper, leather, ribbons and paper. Simply place the design into the machine and away you go.  The clever design of this model means that the sides are easily folded down and secured to the ground using suction.  when you are done you simply bring the sides back up, this means that this device is extremely portable and compact. To use the Cuttlebug, all you need to do is use the cutting pads and the spacer to create a sandwich and run it through the machine. As well as being one of the best embossing machines on the market the Cricut Cuttlebug can also cut a wide range of materials, including thin metal, thin wood, fabric, fun foam, cardstock and chipboard.

  • Versatile and easy to fold away
  • Crisp cutting
  • Easy to use
  • Lots of add-ons available

  • Limited paper sizes is restrictive
  • Cuts only thin materials

Sizzix 66042 Big Shot

The award winning ‘big shot’ really does live up to its name. with a 6 inch opening to emboss or die cut this machine is perfect for beginners and pros alike.  The big shot is versatile enough to use dies from various different companies, including

  • Cuttlebug dies
  • Spellbinders dies
  • QuicKut dies
  • Anna Griffin dies
  • Acquiquilt dies

Please note that these dies will need to be purchased separately.  The big hot is capable of cutting and embossing a large number of materials including. Felt, fabric,foam,magnet, cardstock, leather craft aluminium,  metallic foil and chipboard, and the list goes on.   With its rubber feet the Big Shot is strong and sturdy and will not move when you are cutting or embossing. This is the perfect machine for home decorations, scrapbooking and even quilting.  Check out this video on how the big shot works.

  • Compatible with dies from other companies
  • Can be used for quilting
  • A good price for what it does
  • Versatility – It can cut and emboss lots of materials

  • Some of the larger dies do not fit.
  • There can be an issue with stability
  • Expensive parts


Spellbinders PL-001

The Spellbinders PL-001 is one of the best embossing machines available which is both tough and elegant. It is able to cut and emboss and comes in two sizes. You can either choose an 8.5 inch cutting width model or a 6 inches cutting width model. This is a weighty model so it can be quite difficult to move around, but this does prevent it from moving around when embossing or cutting. However, when not in use the sides to fold up to make it easily storable.

It is worth noting that if you do purchase the 8.5 inch model, it only comes with the 6 inch cutting plate. You will need to buy the XL plate through the spellbinders website. These plates are free if you order the model from the spellbinders website.

The spellbinder can emboss using other companies folders, it will take some time to perfect what you want, but using a shim may help you with certain folders.

The distinct advantage with the Spellbinders cutting and embossing machine is that it is able to cut up to 40 different materials, and with some materials it can cut up to 8 layers at the same time.  Check out the possibilities below

  • Strong and sturdy design
  • Can cut up to 40 different Materials
  • Is available in both a 8.5 inch and 6 inch model
  • The weight of the machine prevents movement when cutting and embossing

  • The add-ons for this machine can be a little expensive
  • The 8.5 inch model only comes with a 6 inch plate unless it is bought from the spellbinders website, the XL plate needs to be purchased seperately

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