The 3 Types Of Die Cut Machines

Types of Die Cut Machines

There are 3 main types of die cut machines. If you are an experienced crafter and do a variety of different crafting hobbies then you may have a machine from each category. You will find that some machines, especially from the well known brands excel at cutting, and have evolved over the years based on extensive research and development to come up with something pretty neat.  However, there are some models out there that fall below par.  The advise is to read the reviews first. No matter what the seller says about the product, and how good they claim it to be, nothing replaces the knowledge and gut feeling you will get when you read what real people are saying.

Manual Die Cutting Machines 

types of die cutting machines

Manual die cut machines usually incorporate some type of handle that pushes the die through when a person operates it. These types of machines are also great for making impressions with the use of embossing dies. Undoubtedly, these are the most portable die cutting machines because all they need is a little hand and arm strength to operate. You don’t need a wall outlet or computer to operate them. An example of a manual die cut machine is the Cuttlebug, an extremely popular machine that both cuts and embosses well.

Electronic Die Cutting Machines 

types of die cutting machines

Electronic die cut machines need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. Electricity is their power source and without it they will not turn on. This usually does not present too much of a problem because you’ll usually have access to a wall outlet within range of where you are planning to work. Cricut is a very popular die cut machine in this category. Cartridges are purchased with shapes or fonts and then these are plugged into the Cricut before cutting.

Computer Operated

types of die cutting machine

Some die cut machines require a computer and sometimes even an internet connection as well before they can be used. These digital die cut machines are certainly the most complex of the three categories of machines. However, they allow users to download designs, fonts, and shapes from the internet. This enables you to cut virtually any design in any size. The Silhouette and scanNCut are examples of products that falls into the computer operated category. The Silhouette must be plugged into a computer that has internet access to be used. Then, the user of the machine has access to a huge number of designs.

We hope this answers your questions on the different types of die cut machines available to buy. if we have missed anything, just let us know in the comments

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