Gemini Die Cut and Embossing Machine Reviewed

The Gemini Die cut and embossing machine is a multitasking machine for your craft room that will enable you to create professional looking projects in next to no time. Coupled with the reputation of Crafters companion you can be reassured of receiving a quality machine that will last a long time.

Its strong rollers enable it to cut not only intricate dies but heavy cardstock, vinyl, foil and multiple layers of fabric. Its unique pressure roller design means that unlike other die cutting machines there is no loss of pressure over time. Every cut is like the first cut. This high-pressure roller design also makes embossing a pleasure with this machine. Thick 3D detailed embossing images can be created with ease, perfect for stepping up your game in crafting.

Mixed media projects can be created quickly using just this one machine, from projects made from card, fabric or both!

Unique to this machine there are separate pause, play and reverse buttons. One benefit of this I have found is when cutting using a small die, once the die has passed through the rollers, I can reverse the plates backout, saving me some time rather than waiting for the whole plate to go through the machine.

The Gemini machine also takes up very little room on the crafters desk and with the unique reverse function this means it does not need as much clearance as other die cutting machines on the market as you won’t need the space for the whole plates to travel through the machine.

The Gemini comes out as one of the quickest and quietest machines in the market and is compatible with most of the leading thin metal dies, so your existing stock of dies can still be used.

Its own self-protection feature prevents the machine from accepting material that is too thick and it will automatically reverse the plates back out, so you do not need to worry about the plates getting stuck in the machine. Full instructions and details of the plate sandwiches needed are provided from crafters companion alongside full customer support.

The 3D embossing mat enclosed with the machine enables you to use your existing dies as embossing folders, it prevents the paper from being die cut and your creations are embossed instead. This means all your dies can now have a second use, saving you money on buying dedicated embossing folders.


There are a range of Gemini Die cutting and embossing machines out there for differing budgets and crafters needs, from the smallest Gemini go to the largest Gemini Pro which is new to the market with a huge platform base of 12×12 inches!

The main Gemini Die cutting, and Embossing machine comes well equipped with hard wearing plates, magnetic and plastic shims and a 3D embossing folder. There are also added extras of the Gemini dies and 3D embossing folders.

The Gemini die cut and embossing machine by crafters companion really is a multitasking powerful work horse that every crafting room will need.


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