Choosing The Right Die Cutting Machine For You

Choosing The Right Die Cutting Machine For You

So you are looking to buy a die cutting machine, right? Well you have come to the right place. Welcome to the cut a lot guide to choosing the right die cutting machine for you.

Buying a Die Cutting machine that is right for your needs can be a really big decision. And as you have probably worked out by now there are lots of things to consider and research beforehand, including the cost, how easy it is to use, the versatility and the style. So lets get started with conundrums.

Manual or Automatic?

If you are working to a budget the manual (Hand Cranked) cutting machines are the way to go.  Because of the lack of wires they are very portable, and far easier to use than the more expensive electronic cutting machines.  A manual machine works by feeding the material through the slot where it is then either cut or embossed. it really is as simple as that

A great example of a really good Manual Embossing and Cutting Machine is the Cricut Cuttlebug.  Check this out below.

If you opt for an electronic cutting machine then you have far more autonomy to create your own unique designs via the integrated software. (Please note that not all electronic cutting machines have this facility, so be sure to check first) An electronic machine works very similar to a printer, where cartridges are used to cut and emboss the designs.   Whilst an Electronic cutting machine can be a little more complicated to use than its manual cousin, it does mean that there is no cranking and everything is done at the touch of a button. If you are looking for a really good electronic cutting machine, then you will really enjoy using the Cricut Explore Air 2. Check it out below

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Die cutting machines can cost from $50 for a basic manual operated machine, all of the way up to $1000 for a top end electronic cutting machine. These prices fluctuate between models, so it is really important to shop around and stick to your budget.  At some point in time, pretty much every model and every brand will have an offer of some type, especially on Amazon.  So have a price in mind, stick to it, and look out for the offers.

It’s also worth taking into account how much replacement cartridges, cutting mats, software updates and other accessories cost for your machine, you may have found the deal of the century, but if the cost to buy new stock is expensive, it isn’t a worthwhile buy.

Check out the very latest deals below

How easy is it to use?

The Right Die Cutting Machine

When choosing the right die cutting machine it is important to research how easy it is to use.  If you are not a tech Savvy person, it may be worth sticking to the manual crank machines, alternatively, you may want to research to see if there are any tutorials or online guides that can demonstrate beforehand how to work the machine.  The more technical the machine, the harder it will be to learn how to use it. However.  some of the more technical cutting machines will be able to deliver the best bespoke designs.  If you do opt for a technical machine, it may be worth researching beforehand the quality of care and support available by the company should you require any help, or are there any forums that you can ask questions about your proposed machine?  so, ultimately it may be about striking the balance between ease of use and functionality.

What Materials can you use on it?

When choosing the right die cutting machine you will need to know what materials you can cut and emboss.  As you can see from a lot of our product reviews,  most cutting machines are capable of cutting pretty much any thin material.  However it is important to research the depth of material than you plan to use, then check beforehand if this is possible on your machine. Also consider the versatility of the machine, is it able to draw and emboss as well as cut?

What size is it? Is it portable?

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When choosing the right die cutting machine for you, take into account the size of the device in its storage state, also the size of the cutting machine when it is folded out.  This is really important for crafters who are working in a small space.  Also think about how easy the machine is to move? is it lightweight? does it have a carrying handle? with most machines ranging between 2lbs and 40lbs the difference is substantial.


We hoped you liked our guide on how to choose the right die cutting machine for you. We would love to here your comments on this below. 



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