Brother Scan n Cut Universal Pen holder Reviewed

So, you have bought the Brother Scan n Cut machine, you pulled it out of the box all excited, you have done your first cut and now you are looking to do something else with it.

Along with cutting, the Brother Scan n Cut machine also has the option to draw and the machine does come with some small felt pens. However, you are limited in colours and the felt pens that come with it, I find have quite thick nibs so restricts what you can do.

So, to solve the problem, in walks the Brother Scan n Cut Universal pen holder available for the CM and SDX series of machines. This pen holder will enable you to use any sort of pen or pencil in your machine to draw. This could mean drawing a picture, shape or even ‘writing’ with the pen. Ive personally used the Universal pen holder with a gel pen to ‘write’ a birthday sentiment on a card i had already cut out using the Scan n Cut machine.

The Universal pen holder will take pens between 9.6mm and 11.4mm in diameter. Thinner pens can also be used and I have done this before by wrapping some masking tape around the body of a thinner pen.

I did this to a gel pen I had to make the pen thicker, so it sat snug in the pen holder and I had no problems.

Brother now sell a pen holder for smaller barrel pens but using the masking tape method in the Universal pen holder means I can use any width of pens in this holder without having to spend any more money for another holder.

The Universal pen holder comes with a stand so you can adjust your pen height depending on what surface you will be drawing onto. Inserting your pen in the holder and locking it into place is easy enough with a click and turn. You then place this into the bracket on the Scan n Cut machine itself where you normally put your blade holder.

Everything is the same on the Scan n Cut machine, you pick your design or lettering and choose the draw instead of the cut function. I have found a draw speed of 3 and pressure 0 to be a good starting point.


Using the Universal Pen holder on the Brother Scan n Cut machine opens a whole new world of opportunities for crafting.

Personalised sentiments can be ‘written’ onto your crafting items using different coloured pens. How about writing in glitter pen for Christmas?

Using the pause function on the machine means you can even draw one part of an image or wording in one colour, pause and then change the colour of the pen to create unique and colourful designs.

Felt pens, coloured pens, gel pens, if you can buy it, you can try it and let’s face it, you probably do have a few (insert lots!) of pens hanging about in your craft room!

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