ACCUQUILT GO BIG 55500 Electric Cutting System

Cutting fabric is now becoming a  fun and easy activity for all lovers of sewing and crafting. With sporadic improvements in technology, various fabric cutting machines are now being developed to  assist anyone who wants to simply cut the fabric. With various features and capabilities being innovated, these cutting machine fabrics allow you cut fabrics like a pro.

So without any time to waste, check out this awesome video below to give you an overview of what the Accuquilt Go Big 55500 is all about!

Among the various brands out there, the Accuquilt GO Big 55500 will take your fabric cutting to an all new dimension with their biggest fabric cutting system that could go over 14 inches wide. This rectangular 21.2 by 15 by 9.2 inches shaped cutter is quite heavy to handle  compared with its previous model of white finished design. Weighing an average of approximately 28.2 pounds, this device can be easily carried using its plastic handle found  on the device’s top. Its sides are grey streamlined with its middle enclosing a longitudinal dent to assist upon opening device.

The interiors of this device have a large gray interface with a cutter at its end. The cutter comprises of a roller which cut patches of fabrics at its subjection of fabrics to it. The 14 inches wide cutter where fabric passes through is automated directly and  the motion sensor  activated. The device becomes activated for the cutting session to begin upon pressing the green button on its  left corner. A red light flashes once errors in fabric is known, cutting  it either in thickness or size of fabrics and dies.

This flexible cutter  allows for efficient and easy folding  and dyeing of  your fabrics on just its simple operation. It is powers up through a 110 V US AC adapter. The system operates mainly  by sandwiching  your fabric between a cutting die and a special mat, it then feeds it in lengthwise position into the cutter as needed.

Asides that, the device works through synchronous cutting of the  two 6” mat and dies. It can easily accommodate multiple layers of fabric materials,  with each die depending on its thickness. It cuts through a variety of materials like fleece, flannel, cotton, fleece, leather, and even denim.

The  cutting kit consists  f the cutter, 6 inch flying geese die, cutting mat, and 6 different creative patterns and also comes  with a 12-month limited warranty .


The Specifications of the Accuquilt Go

  1. Wide-Range Cutting
    Accuquilt can boast about having the largest framework which allows for 14 inches wide fabrics to be cut. The device naturally cuts by combining the two 6 inch dies as needed.
  2. User-Friendly Interface
    The machine is super easy to use and comes with an easy use to utilize interface as you just need to press the green button once to operate it. Hence, the procedure is totally intuitive, made with features for easy handling.
  3. Quick and Seamless Cutting
    The mechanism of the roller is just perfectly suited for the users convenience. Cutting with smooth precision, different fabrics upon few minutes of utilization. There’s definitely no need apply much effort with this cutter. What is required is to just match over the die pattern to the cutter.
  4. Easy to Operate 
    This cutter handles a variety of fabric sizes, texture, and thickness. You could easily cut through thick fabrics like fleece, leather, or denim as needed. This is more efficient than cutting it through scissors or rotary cutters. It also comes with an integrated Block on Board (BOB) which allows you to easily cut the die into a single block.
  5. Multiple Extras
    The device also comes with some extras. Which includes , a cutting mat, 6 inches flying geese die and 6 natural patterns. You could also visit the net for more design patterns. However if you shop around you will find that there are many bundles available for this machine that will give you awesome value for money



The Pros

  • It’s versatility is the key, it can cut a wide range of fabrics with ease
  • It is strong and durable in size and very well made
  • It is easy to use. Literally plug it in and off you go!
  • It is smooth when cutting and extremely accurate
  • It is perfect for saving money if cutting fabric is your career
  • It is fun to use

The Cons

  • It is heavy. so there are issues with portability
  • it can be hard to clean in some places.
  • It can be unsuitable if you are limited on space



If the Accuquilt Go! Big 55500 is just too big for you!  then why not check out it’s baby brother!




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